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Published: 15th February 2011
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2008 4 endorse the approval of the "kettle performance requirements and test methods" standard has been submitted for approval and is expected to be introduced in January 2009.

Forthcoming "kettle performance requirements and test methods" in reference to international standard IEC60530 based on China's national conditions, were designed to nine parts: 1. Scope; 2. Purpose; 3. Normative reference documents; 4. terminology and definitions; 5. Classification and Nomenclature; 6. test the general conditions; 7. performance requirements and test methods; 8. inspection rules; 9. mark packaging, transportation and storage.

The following terms related to electric kettle thermostat key technical parameters, much industry attention:

(1) boiling water outages. Maximum level of cold water into the kettle, to work in the rated input power, water temperature above 98 , temperature control device must be power in the required time, when the power is greater than 1500W, the power requirements within 25 seconds;-power small than or equal to 1500W, the provisions of power within 30 seconds. (2) reset the time. Maximum level of cold water into the kettle, the rated input power and automatically disconnect the water boiling, after manually closing temperature limiter repeatedly, until you can immediately disconnect the power and temperature limiter, automatic kettle broken record to restore power in the shortest time interval, the reset for the first time; 30 seconds to manually connect the circuit, recording the second reset time; the third time with the fourth test completely the same the second time; fifth trials completed in the fourth Test after 5 minutes. Reset each time the above experiment should be less than 40 seconds. (3) Lift off function. Power function of the kettle with a mention, expensive, back again after leaving the base, the power switch off automatically in the state, not to mention the time zone from the base. Electric kettle industry after more than ten years development, now has reached 10 million domestic units, China has become the world's largest kettle market. However, barriers to entry are relatively low, with shorter development of the industry there has been no national standards to regulate the corresponding constraints, the current is applied "electric water heater (commercial)" product criteria for benchmarking the quality of the market, some companies are reducing costs The purpose of the quality of the product without concern about the safety of the product performance and service life are greatly affected, seriously damaged the interests of consumers and the industry's healthy development, "kettle performance requirements and test methods" was released so it is very urgent.

The standard-setting work also listen to opinions and suggestions of consumers, for consumers to use the various problems encountered in the process of product performance and testing criteria for a more comprehensive and strict specifications, for which standard-setting working group head of the unit DF-Group has invested substantially in major cities across the country launched a kettle usage survey and collect the views of standard-setting activities.

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